Advanced Academics

Information specific to Colvin Run's AAP & FCPS information

Advanced Academics at Colvin Run

Colvin Run has a Level IV AAP center that draws Level IV AAP identified students from the Colvin Run and Great Falls Elementary communities.  Colvin Run is a unique school in that we believe all students can and should access Level IV curriculum. Aside from our commitment to all students learning and working with the 9 critical and creative thinking strategies, all classrooms teach with units and resources that one might find in a Level IV classroom. From kindergarten to sixth grade, all students are acquiring the Portrait of a Graduate skills as they think critically, learn to be effective communicators, collaborate to solve problems, and apply what they are learning across multiple subject areas.

Colvin Run offers students all levels of Advanced Academic Programs (AAP), including a Level IV center as an option in grades 3-6. Here is a description of each of the four levels of service: 

Level I: Critical and Creative Thinking Lessons, Grades K-6

The first level is provided to all students in kindergarten through grade six and consists of model lessons that are designed to teach critical and creative thinking skills. The lessons are modeled in all classrooms by Advanced Academic Resource Teachers (AARTs) and the thinking strategies are then used throughout the year by classroom and other teachers who work with students. Student responses to these lessons are used as part of the identification process for Levels II-IV. Parents may also practice these strategies during family conversations and activities.

Level II, Differentiated Lessons in Areas of Academic Strength, Grades K-6

The AART collaborates with classroom teachers to provide additional challenges through lessons and resources that extend and enrich the Program of Studies. Screening for this level of service is ongoing throughout the school year.

Level III, Part-Time Advanced Academic Programs, Grades 3-6

Students identified by our local Advanced Academic committee work directly with the AART each week in a small group setting. During this time, students are challenged with enrichment and extension activities developed to enhance grade-level curriculum.

Level IV Center

Colvin Run houses an AAP center that draws identified gifted students from a number of neighboring elementary schools including Colvin Run and Great Falls . Currently there are multiple classrooms at each grade level from grades 3 through 6.

Students in the Level IV AAP center study the same Fairfax County Program of Studies curriculum as do students in the base school with instructional techniques that are designed to match the educational learning styles of gifted students.

All Level IV AAP students are instructed one year ahead in math and are engaged in a Mathematics contest called "Continental Math." Additional language arts, science and history units for gifted students, designed by the College of William and Mary's Center for Gifted Education, are part of the enriched AAP curriculum. Higher level thinking skills are stressed through class discussions and project-based learning, which allow students to learn to work together to solve problems. Students in the Grade Level (General Education) classrooms may also qualify for Advanced Math, Continental Math League and have access to many of the same AAP resources.

Technology is used as a tool for learning with all students. Students use computers for word processing, creating graphs, spreadsheets, and databases, designing multimedia presentations, and to access the Internet for research. 

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