Colvin Run offers a variety of activities for the enjoyment, growth, and enrichment of our students.

Service Learning Projects

Each year, the Colvin Run community participates in a variety of service learning projects that benefit others in need.  While all grade levels participate in unique service learning projects for their grade level, other projects unite the entire school in an effort to make a difference.  These service learning projects help students to apply the strong character traits they develop at Colvin Run through the Character Education program in authentic ways.   Please see below for examples of service learning projects conducted by each grade level:

Kindergarten - Children’s House at Johns Hopkins Hospital donations
1st Grade - Hybla Valley Elementary School Pen Pals
2ND Grade - Georgetown Lombardi Cancer Center kits for hospitalized children
3rd Grade - Alex's Lemonade
4th Grade - School-Wide Recycling, Green Team (see below)
5th Grade - Sandwich making for a non-profit organization
6th Grade - Wolf Trap Park clean-up

Rise Up Against Hunger (formerly Stop Hunger Now)
In partnership with Rise Against Hunger, the Langley pyramid elementary, middle and high schools come together on at Colvin Run Elementary with a goal to prepare 100,000 meal packages for schools and orphanages around the world.  In the past, the Langley pyramid raised enough funding to provide 100,008 meals for families in developing countries around the world, and additional funding to support disaster relief in the United States. Meals packaged at Colvin Run have gone to families in Haiti, El Salvador, Panama, Ukraine, and the Dominican Republic. With each meal feeding 5-6 people, this is a wonderful event that impacts 500,000 individuals around the world and broadens the perspective of our students and families.

Actively Caring

The most effective strategy in building a bully- free school is to mobilize bystanders as a community of “Actively Caring People”.  In an effort to build a bully free school, all classes implement the “Actively Caring for People Program”.  This is done by having students share stories each day that highlight a classmate for actively caring for another student.  Students who are spotlighted for actively caring for someone else receive a green actively caring wristband.  They then watch for others who are actively caring, share the story they witnessed and pass the wrist band along to the student. 

Green Team

As part of our Green Team Service Learning Project efforts, the 4th grade collects a variety of items and sends them to Terracycle to be upcycled into new creations.  More information can be found here:

We have registered with Planet Green Recycle to recycle e-waste. Please consider donating your empty ink cartridges, old cell phones, and any small electronic gadgets (ipods, cameras, etc.) to CRES. There is a green E-waste collection bin in the lobby. All proceeds will further Colvin Run's green initiatives, including furthering our composting program in the cafeteria.

ECyber Mission

eCYBERMISSION moves the science fair to cyberspace!  It is a web-based science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) competition for students in grades 6-9.  Using either the scientific inquiry method or the engineering design process, teams of three to four students work together to propose a solution to a real problem in their communities, competing for state, regional, and national awards.  eCYBERMISSION is sponsored by the Army Educational Outreach program nationally.  Students work in groups before school under the direction of Mrs. Andrade and Mrs. Carmack.

Safety Patrols

Safety patrols play a vital role in daily life at Colvin Run, helping to keep the school a safer place for everyone.  Fifth and 6th grade students are selected as safety patrols, and are assigned to positions within and outside of the school building, on school buses, and at school crossings.  They also assist kindergartners to and from class each day, raise and lower the flags, and make the afternoon announcements.

Student Council Association (SCA)

The SCA is Colvin Run's student government body, consisting of five officers, committee chairpersons, and two representatives from each class in grades 3-6. The SCA is a leadership and service organization that conducts service projects and promotes school spirit. The SCA meets once a month to plan and work on these projects. SCA students are selected through an election process. 

PTO-Sponsored Activities

The Parent Teacher Organization sponsors before- and after-school activities during the fall, winter and spring.

More detail about classes being offered this spring can be found on the PTO website