Rise Against Hunger

We have reached 100% of our $29,000 goal to provide meals for families throughout the world.

By Ken Junge, Principal
February 08, 2018

Our Langley pyramid (Colvin Run, Churchill Road, Forestville, Great FallRise against hunger logos, Springhill, Cooper, and Langley) students raised $15,000 in schools, and we are excited to package 100,000 meals this Saturday which will in turn feed 600,000 children and families throughout the world.  Thank you to everyone who donated online and helped support your children’s involvement in our “Learn to Earn” program.

 We are moved to hear the stories students share regarding what they are doing to earn the money they donate.  When we remind them each $1.00 feeds 20 children and family members, they smile and take such pride in their accomplishment knowing they just fed 5 people, 40 people, 100 people, 400 people….

Recently, a student left a note attached to his donation:

“I’d love to make the world a better place.  There’s more to a dollar than what meets the eye.  Instead of buying games, we need to think about the kids without games…. Or food. Food is the holy grail to some, but ho-hum to us.  I’m glad the school started this drive.  Not just to raise awareness but to let us
help.  $20 to kids is a lot.  $20 to the rich is nothing.  $20 to the world is progress.” -Chris D. (CRES 6th grader)

Thank you for your continued support and for encouraging your students to raise money to help children and families in our collective effort to Rise Against Hunger.