Supply List for Sixth Grade

Below the basic list for ALL students, are separate items for required Grade Level & Level 4 Classrooms.

Basic List for all students:

3 packs Index Dividers 8-Tab colored

2 packs Filler Paper College Rule Large Package

1 Pencil Pouch - Zippered Heavy Canvas w/Grommets 8.5x9.75

6 Small Glue Stick Washable Purple - Dries Clear

1 Scissors Stainless Steel 7"

1 pack Full-Length Colored Pencils Pre-sharpened 12ct

1 Ruler 12” Plastic Standard/Metric Ruler w/Holes

1  1" Durable 3-Ring Binder

1 1.5" 3-ring binder 

2 Highlighter Chisel Tip Yellow

2 pack Pencil #2 Yellow pencil  Sharpened   12ct

1 large box Tissues 

1 Self Stick Notes Yellow 100ct 3x3

2 Antibacterial Wipes Pop-Up Canister

1 pair Stereo Ear Buds or head phones to stay at school

Spanish: 1 White ½" Durable 3-Ring View Binder with clear sleeve

BAND students ONLY: One floppy 1” 3 –ring binder & 1 pkg. (10)sheet protect

Grade level Classes also need:

2 Spiral Notebook 5 Sub College Rule 200ct    8x11

1 two-Pocket Folder Paper w/out Clasp - Green

1 two-Pocket Folder Paper w/out Clasp - Red

1 pack Low Odor Dry Erase Marker Chisel Tip 4ct

1 oack 3x5 index cards lined - one side

1 Paper Towel Roll

1 box Sealable Freezer Storage Bags Quart

Level 4 Classes also need:

2 two-Pocket Folder Paper w/out Clasp

1 Package multi-colored pens, 4 Pens: Black, Red, Blue, Green 

1 Spiral Notebook 5 Sub Wide Rule 180 pages

1 box Sealable Freezer Storage Bags Gallon